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Popular Baby Names
Most Popular Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names for 2006 year.
Popular Baby Names by Year:
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Popular Girl Names
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Emily Latin flatterer
Emma German A short form of Emily, which means "in..
Madison English son of Maude; good son
Olivia Latin a form of Olive
Hannah German a form of Johann
Abigail Hebrew father's joy. Bible: one of the wives of..
Isabella Italian A form of the name Isabel, meaning "pl..
Ashley English Which means "ash tree meadow." Among not..
Samantha Hebrew told by God; listener
Elizabeth Hebrew consecrated to God. Bible: the mother of..
Nevaeh Hebrew life
Brooklyn American a combination of Brook + Lynn
Mariah Hebrew a form of Mary
Gracie English a familiar form of Grace
Isabelle French a form of Isabel
Mya Italian a form of Mia
Katie English A familiar form of Katherine. Actress ..
Shelby English ledge estate
Jacqueline French "the supplanter." A feminine form of Jac..
Angela Greek angel; messenger
Jade Spanish jade
Courtney English "from the court." Among notable people w..
Christina Greek "Christ-bearer."
Catherine Greek pure
Laura Latin crowned with laurel
Caitlin Irish pure
Alexandria Greek a form of Alexandra
Breanna Irish a form of Briana
Kathryn English a form of Katherine
Kelsey Scandinavi.. ship island
Brittany English from Britain
Briana Irish A name that means "strong, virtuous, and..
Sabrina Latin boundary line
Cheyenne Native Ame.. Tribal name from Siouan Dakota Shahiyena..
Cassandra Greek helper of men. Mythology: a prophetess o..
Kiara Irish little and dark
Tiffany Latin trinity
Mikayla American a form of Michaela
Miranda Latin strange; wonderful; admirable
Kelly Irish "brave warrior."
Lindsey English "linden tree island" or "camp near the s..
Cassidy Irish A name which means "clever."
Erica Scandinavi.. ruler of all
Chelsea English seaport
Amy Latin beloved
Alicia English A form of Alice which means "noble" or..
Heather English Signifies a flower associated with Scotl..
Monica Greek solitary
Kristen Greek Christian; anointed
Shannon Irish small and wise
Crystal Latin clear, brilliant glass
Michaela Hebrew "Who is like the Lord?"
Jamie Spanish a form of Jacob
Angelica Greek a form of Angela
Selena Greek a form of Selene
Kaitlin Irish pure
Brittney English a form of Britany
Erika Scandinavi.. a form of Erica
Whitney English white island
Meghan Welsh a form of Megan
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