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Popular Baby Names
Most Popular Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names for 2006 year.
Popular Baby Names by Year:
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Popular Boy Names
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Jacob Hebrew "the supplanter."
Michael Hebrew who resembles God?
Joshua Hebrew God is my salvation. Bible: led the Isra..
Matthew Hebrew gift of God. Bible: author of the first ..
Ethan Hebrew strong; firm
Andrew Greek strong; manly; courageous. Bible: one of..
Daniel Hebrew "God is my judge." A prophet during the ..
William English a form of Wilhelm
Joseph Hebrew God will add, God will increase. Bible: ..
Christopher Greek Christ-bearer. Religion: the patron sain..
Brayden English a form of Braden
Caden American a form of Kadin
Carson English son of Carr
Victor Latin victor, couqueror
Trevor Irish prudent
Jared Hebrew a form of Jordan
Garrett Irish A name that means "brave spearman." Gart..
Mark Latin a form of Marcus. Bible: author of the..
Jeremy English "exalted by the Lord." Actor Jeremy Iron..
Bryce Welsh a form of Brice
Riley Irish valiant
Dakota American A Native American tribal name
Kenneth Irish handsome
Dalton English town in the valley
Colby English dark; dark haired
Tanner English leather worker; tanner
Stephen Greek crowned
Spencer English dispenser of provisions
Marcus Latin martial, warlike
Paul Latin small. Bible: Saul, later renamed Paul, ..
Brendan Irish "little raven." Well-known Brendans are ..
Tristan Welsh Which means "bold." This is the name of ..
Jeffrey English "divinely peaceful."
Travis English "at a crossroad." Country singer Travis ..
Taylor English Literally means "tailor." Singer Taylor ..
Dustin German Valiant fighter
Bradley English "broad meadow."
Mitchell English A form of Michael
Edward English "prosperous guardian." Noteworthy Edward..
Corey Irish "the hollow." Two well-known actors have..
Peter Greek small rock. Bible: simon, renamed Peter,..
Malik Arabic a form of Malachi
Gregory Latin vigilant watchman
Derek German A short form of Theodoric, meaning "li..
Scott English "from Scotland." Ragtime music king Scot..
Shawn Irish a form of Sean
Shane Irish a form of Shana
Erik Scandinavi.. a form of Eric
Vincent Latin victor, conqueror
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