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Spanish Baby Boy Names

Spanish Baby Boy Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Rudecindo Spanish a form of Rosendo
Rudi Spanish a familiar form of Rudolph
Rufino Spanish a form of Rufus
Rusk Spanish twisted bread
Ruy Spanish a short form of Roderick
Ruyan Spanish a form of Ryan
Ryo Spanish a form of Rio
Sabelio Spanish a form of Sabino
Salamon Spanish a form of Solomon
Salvador Spanish "savior." Former Chilean president Salva..
Salviano Spanish a form of Salvo
Salvino Spanish a short form of Salvador
Santiago Spanish A form of the name James, meaning "sup..
Santino Spanish a form of Santonio
Santo Spanish holy
Santos Spanish saint
Sarito Spanish a form of Caesar
Savion Spanish a form of Savon
Segundo Spanish second
Senon Spanish living
Servando Spanish to serve
Severino Spanish severe
Sidonio Spanish a form of Sidney
Siervo Spanish a man who serves God
Silverio Spanish Greek god of trees
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