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Popular Spanish Baby Names

Popular Spanish Baby Names
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Jadyn Spanish a form of Jade
Jaida Spanish a form of Jada
Jaidyn Spanish a form of Jade
Jaime Spanish A form of the Hebrew name Jacob, m..
Jair Spanish a form of Jairo
Jairo Spanish God enlightens
Jamie Top100 Baby Name Spanish a form of Jacob
Javier Spanish "owner of a new house." Javier Perez de ..
Jayda Spanish a form of Jada
Joaquin Spanish A form of the Hebrew name Joachim ..
Jorge Spanish A form of the name George, meaning "farm..
Jose Top100 Baby Name Spanish Derived from the Hebrew name Joseph,..
Juan Top100 Baby Name Spanish A form of the name John, meaning "God'..
Juana Spanish a short form of Juanita
Juliana Spanish a form of Julia
Julio Spanish a form of Julius
Leandro Spanish "brave; lion-like," it is derived from t..
Leyla Spanish a form of Leya
Linda Spanish "pretty." Actresses Linda Carter and Lin..
Lola Spanish a familiar form of Carlotta, Dolores..
Lucero Spanish bringer of light
Lucia Spanish a form of Lucy
Luis Top100 Baby Name Spanish Both French and German royal descent, th..
Luz Spanish "light."
Malia Spanish a form of Maria
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