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Hebrew Baby Girl Names

Hebrew Baby Girl Names including Meanings of Names.
M/F Name Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
Magali Hebrew from the high tower
Magalie Hebrew from the high tower
Magaly Hebrew from the high tower
Magdalene Hebrew This name means "from magdala." In the B..
Mahira Hebrew "energetic."
Mahli Hebrew astute
Maika Hebrew a familiar form of Michaela
Majali Hebrew astute
Makala Hebrew a form of Michaela
Malachie Hebrew angel of God
Malaji Hebrew my messenger
Maleena Hebrew a form of Malina
Malha Hebrew queen
Malina Hebrew tower
Malka Hebrew queen
Malki Hebrew a form of Malka
Mamen Hebrew a form of Carmen
Mangena Hebrew song; melody
Manoela Hebrew a form of Manuela
Manoli Hebrew a form of Manuela
Mara Hebrew melody
Marah Hebrew a form of Mara
Maraya Hebrew a form of Mariah
Maria Top100 Baby Name Hebrew bitter; sea of bitterness
Mariah Top100 Baby Name Hebrew a form of Mary
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